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Monday, 21 May 2012

Escaping the mists and back to the land of blogging.......

Every intention to blog over the last couple of weeks, went out the window, so I was glad I had a focus to craft  last week, for my 'Techniques & WOWS table' in the 'Share Fair' that I was invited to take part in, at the Leeds 'Stampin' Up!' regional training event on Saturday.

The training event was attended by 75 demonstrators and I was very nervous about sharing a technique with them, I mean they do 'Stampin' Up!' too, so I didn't want to be telling them ;how to suck eggs' if you know what I mean!!! And also I could'nt let on to any of my demo friends who were attending, as the 'Share Fair' was a secret event, and well asking Farmer Johnnie his opinion on whether something is an SU crafty WOW, didn't really get me far! so I decided to have a play about with a few ideas and see what I felt, that I would be the most confident in showing on the day.... something that gave an instant impact look, that showed the versatility of SU stash, so this is what I came up with.....

‘Would you like a squirt?!’

This is a really quick idea that utilises, a re-inker, some 12x12 neutrals card stock, a co-ordinating neutrals inkpad and maybe a matching ‘Stamp & write’ marker, one stamp set, itty bitties punches, a border punch, & some scraps of card that co-ordinate with the colour of re-inker........

To get the most out of these bits, from my handbag I rescued an empty ‘squirty’ hand sanitizer bottle and from the kitchen I found a packet of doilies, which must have been bought for the last ‘Jubilee’!

Step 1
Wash out hand sanitizer bottle, and add 6 drops of re-inker top up with water and ‘sHaKe’! You have now created your own ‘SU’ colour co-ordinated ink spray/ mister! (You can play around making the ink lighter or darker, by adding more or less drops of ink.)

Step 2
Protect your area; I use my brown packing paper that comes in my SU parcels, as the spray can cover an area larger than the ‘Grid Paper’.

Step 3
Place the sheet of neutrals card stock down and place a doily or two, were it takes your fancy, on the card!

Step 4
Pick up your mister, CHECK SQUIRTY NOZZLE IS POINTING TOWARDS THE CARDSTOCK....... (Otherwise you could be giving your face a hint of SU colour!) You can then mist over your doilies on to your card.

Here is a little video, to show just how easy they are to make....

Step 5
Using the ‘Stamp & write marker’ you may wish to ‘doodle’ to accentuate the doily design, and the lines look the best when they are wobbly!!

Step 6
Add Stamped decoration to your liking. You can choose to finish the decorated sheet in a variety of ways, my suggestions are:
·         Keep the page entire and it makes a great scrapbook layout, perfect for those that want the stamps and maybe can’t afford the papers. When I do this I like to use the stamps to frame my photograph. 
·         Maybe decorate the other side too! And fold it creatively, you could use your ‘Simply Scored- scoring tool’ for this, and you could make a brag book/ squash album, or if you kept the stamping to the edges, it makes a great personal journal/ notebook.

Here is Doris, the friend I made to accompany me on my trip to Leeds!!
I have to say she got loads of gorgeous comments about her frock, shame my legs are too skinny for it, otherwise she would have been just in her jewels and head wear!! ;-)
But her skirt was decorated using this fab technique!!
 I added flowers I had made and lots of stamping too....
And due to my lack of sewing skills, I had a happy accident in that I made it wrap around twice and made a lovely petticote layer!!

From the video you will have seen that I have used the sheets for lots of different projects, and my tips to the other demo's on Saturday were......

·If the thought of 12x12” scares you.....Go small and try the technique out on your card blanks!
·Look out for more, stuff to squirt through....... I have found sequin waste, a place mat and a Christmas table decoration.

I will leave you with some pictures of a clock, I decorated using this technique...

I love that you can use the background for such a wide range of paper craft projects, not just cards, I hope I have inspired you to have a go too, I would love to see what you make!

thank you for stopping by

 Sally-Jo xx


  1. I loved Doris's outfit! Infact, I was trying to remember her name earlier this evening when I was folding up my brown paper from my last order. I'm determined not to put it in the recycling bin this time and do something with it, I'm not sure it will be as lovely as your creation though. Well done for Saturday, I'm going to give the squirting technique a try soon.

  2. Doris does indeed have a lovely frock but the clock is stunning tooxx

    Please can Doris come and live in MY craft room??? On second thoughts maybe thats a bad idea ... she might freak the dog out!! x

  3. Right I am going in my craft room right now to try this out!!

  4. Well Sally-Jo, I went into my craft room and carried out the instructions step by step, to the letter, as I watched the video to make sure I got it right. The result was - an awful soggy mess!! Not to be put off, I gave it another go, it still ended up a soggy mess, both the "work of art" and the doilies ended up a soggy mess!! I don't know what I am doing wrong, but there is something definitely not right about my technique!! I will try again some other time.


  5. Drop dead gorgeous Sally Jo!! lovelt technique and lovely display, you did an amazing job and keep that training up with farmer Johnnie he will come round in the end xx

  6. Sally-Jo you are just FAB!!!! Your ideas and inspiration are exceptional!
    I will give it go and see if I do any bettr than Kate - but I have to go and buy some doilies first - I obviously didn't buy any for the last Jubilee!
    love Chris x