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Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Flowers 'Stampin' Up!' Style!!

Every year I vow to be more organised..... have the presents all bought and wrapped for before the children break up from school, have teacher gifts prepared ready to send in to school on the last ....... ehhhh! that is were reality kicks in for me...my life doesn't often run like that, and as a Gemini I can be ultra organised, even OCD, about some things and way off the scale relaxed over others, really I am in a no win situation with myself!! So on the way to, yes to school, and it is the last day of term!, I discussed with my two what we, or rather I would go, buy & do for teacher gifts!

Now Matthew who wont admit to liking school but studiously does his homework, reading and practises his times tables with out asking, was keen for me to go and get flowers for his teacher and the two TA's, Heather who when you ask about school just says 'it's Alright' and cuts dead any further school talk, said 'What ever, will do'!!

So after the end of term School, Church Service- which was a Nativity & Carols, I nipped to the local 'Friut & Veg' shop and purchased some potted cyclamen plants, which came in grotty black plastic pots, and were just a couple of pounds each- so cheaper than buying wine or chocolates, and would hopefully last longer!! I then gave them an SU makeover, to make them look like they had come from a Florists boutique........
 Armed with some cheap brown parcel paper,
a 'Real Red' Ink pad & the lovely 'Jolly Jingles Jumbo- Stampin' Around Wheel' & Handle,
I had soon created a exclusive sheet in which to wrap, the plants. 
 Even though the plants were different colours,
the 'Real Red' & sort of 'Crumb Cake' combo looked good....
& I had a 'wheelie' good time crafting in a rush!!!
 Now this is were you may scream with shock horror....
but I really want to add a little sparkle, but quickly, so I grab a can of craft varnish out of my stash...
Gave the plants a light spray and then sprinkled a little 'Dazzling Diamonds Glitter' over them!
 It really hard for me to show the sparkle....
but on this pink flower I think you can sort of see the glistening,
It looked almost Ice like!! 
So simple, quick and effective and with the added bonus of a little 'Stampin' Up!' style!!

What 'Stampin' Up!' makes have you got planned for this Christmas, or maybe next year you plan to get creative, then please tell me via the comments, I would love to Know.

OOOooo and the never to early bit... well I can wish too!!! xXx

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