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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Been gone so long.......

Well as I have told you many times, I am not a techno geek, so deciding to rearrange the home hub and PC whilst my laptop is being fixed, is probably not the greatest of ideas, I have had!! I did get everything re homed and in the right order but then have had a broadband fault and stone walls to contend with, if my phone contacts to the WI-fi upstairs, I presumed the PC would connect up some how......... eeerrr how wrong could I have been!! So whilst I wait for the right part for not only the laptop and the PC, I have decided to bite the bullet and do something most awfully wrong in the eyes of my nine year old son who follows the rule book at school and have borrowed his sisters school issued net book, I couldn't borrow his as he has never told me his password....... hmmm maybe he had an idea, as to what his mother would get up to!!!

So yes! I have been gone for so long, sorry to all those who have checked up on me, but in that time so much has happened......... I have totally de-cluttered my craft room, I have floor space... whoop, Whoop, but that was due to the electrician needing to get the floorboards up, but whilst he was having a rummage, I got extra sockets not just one more 6 more.... A little greedy you may think but I was so fed up of just one double socket and extension leads and un-plugging and plugging in stuff that it seemed right to get a couple extra....And I did pay for it..... as I wanted them counter sunk I hadn't anticipated all the dust and I was left with a layer of white stone and plaster dust, over my desks and big shot station, which he was working around!!! Whilst the dust was around I got farmer Johnnie to put up 2 more punch rails, as the 4 i thought i would never fill, were over full already (it just shows how I cant live without the quality SU punches!!), this also led to another problem, that when I have my good friend round to craft, she couldn't reach the top rails, and said I would put the best-est punches up there, so I got some little ikea steps, so hopefully I will not have any complaints!! The good stuff doesn't stop there though, as my good friend signed up as my newest recruit.... WHOOP, WHOOP!! Nothing is better than sharing my love of Stampin'Up!, than sharing it with friends!

And finally I got an award! I must apologise profusely to Kate Martin, who was so kind to honour me with this award, as I haven't been able to blog or thank her properly, for it till now, so thanks Kate xx it has been great to gain you as an SU sister and friend and thank you for the award. You can visit Kate's Blog Here 

As I am sure Kate won't mind me doing this I have taken her words about the award:
'The purpose of the award is that each recipient has a small blog (less than 200 followers). They in turn nominate five other recipients, each of whom has a blog with less than 200 followers.

Leibster is from the German and means "dearest" and the award is passed to people who have inspired and motivated others.'

I have never thought of myself as an inspiration or motivator of others, so it is fantastic to be given the award. In return of the honour, I would like to nominate the following people who have inspired and motivated me:

Linda Walmsley- a friend for 6years now, who has crafted for many years but who has only in the last few months has taken the leap of faith in to the blogging land and decided to share her love of crafting.

Yvonne Hunt- What can I say, she had no option but to share a room with me at convention and we have been friends since, even though we don't catch up as often as we would like, it's great to pop over to her blog and see what she has been up to.

Nicola Worrilow- Another friendship that grew at convention, and it's great to follow her blog and check out what she is creating, especially when I am short of punch ideas.

Now this is were I have hit a problem using Heathers Netbook- I don't have any blogs bookmarked to this, and those that I were thinking about nominating were just over the 200 followers mark so, i will have to come back to this and award 2 more when my book marks are back, in the mean time I will ask that the three lovely ladies who I have nominated for this award, do the following:

1. Link back to the person who awarded you and thank them.
2. Post the award to your own blog.
3. Give the award to five bloggers-
        (with less than 200 followers) you appreciate and value.
4. Leave a comment on each of the five blogs of the five people you nominate to let them know

Thanks once again to Kate, for my award and giving me the chance to honour those who motivate and inspire me, i will be back tomorrow, it will be late as I will be secretly borrowing the netbook again!!! but i do promise a crafty make. xXXx

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  1. Nice to have you back - I need fresh inspiration!!